About me

Casting-unis-2014-Jocelyn-Chevalier-credit-Welcome to my new website!

My aim on these web pages is to provide up-to-date information about my work as a novelist, and any other projects that I am involved with.

You will probably notice that the French section is more voluminous than this section. The reason is simple; I am based in the great city of Montreal and, for the last twenty years, my work has been mostly in French. This might change with the recent translation of my best-seller Sans Antécédents into English: No priors. I hope you will enjoy or have already enjoyed this incredible story.


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In the past years, I have worked as a lawyer, I have done talk radio, live comments on current affairs on television and I have published three novels. My fourth novel is on the way and I am currently hosting a show on French television about architecture. Yes, I know, I have one of these schizophrenic careers but if we connect the dots, one thing remains: I am a story-teller.

On a more personal level, through all these career challenges, I grew up a little bit and I started a family, failed, then restarted a family that now includes a husband, three kids, a dog, loyal friends and a lot of chaos.

You can follow me on Twitter, Facebook and I will answer any questions you might have !

Thank you for your interest !

Sophie xx